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Escom Bulgaria is a value-added distributor of leading information and cyber security solution providers OpenText, Quest, One Identity, DenCrypt, macmon, OneSpan, SUSE, PFU a RICOH Company, GTB Technologies, CyberInt, Cycognito, Reblaze, and Classter.
Escom Bulgaria’s business model is B2B, serving end users exclusively through a network of qualified, expert partners, system integrators, and service providers (MSPs).

We strive to offer our partners the best in cybersecurity, digital transformation, cloud extension, comprehensive and adaptive data protection, and regulatory and industry compliance through market-leading innovative software technologies that ensure optimal protection for end users. The solutions that are part of Escom Bulgaria’s portfolio are suitable for organisations of all sizes, types, and industries.


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Generating new business opportunities

"Our IT solutions create added value, not only because of the leading manufacturers we work with, but because they are tailored to the needs of our partners."

Alexander Zhekov

company history

Since 2001.

Founded in 2001, over the years Escom Bulgaria has become a trusted partner and value-added distributor of world-renowned manufacturers of information security solutions and technologies. The company is constantly exploring new technologies and looking for ways to improve its services, and in 2022 added CyberInt, CyCognito and Reblaze to its portfolio. Cyberint develops products to proactively monitor and mitigate the risks of operating on the Internet, and CyCognito’s solutions are aimed at detecting and eliminating critical cybersecurity risks for companies. Reblaze offers a comprehensive web security platform that is fully integrated with leading public cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP).

Our team consists of sales professionals, certified technical experts in the areas of: hardware and software maintenance, information security, project management, business analysis, specific Microsoft products and technologies, identity and privileged access management, and more.

Since early 2023, Escom Bulgaria has been a member of the Bulgarian Cyber Security Association and the Union for Economic Initiative (UIE), interacting closely with other industry representatives and actively participating in efforts to strengthen information security and cyber security in the Bulgarian market.

2001 г.
Establishment of the company
2004 г.
New Partnership
Novell distributor for Bulgaria

Value Added distributor of Novell for the territories of Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania. SUSE has been a Novell company since 2003

2004 г.
New Partnership
Vasco Data Security
Vasco Data Security distributor for Bulgaria
2011 г.
New Partnership
PFU EMEA Limited
PFU Distributor EMEA Limited

Company begins distributing PFU EMEA Limited's document scanners under the Fujitsu brand

2016 г.
New partnership
macmon secure
Distributor of macmon secure
2016 г.
New Partnership
Quest Software
Quest Software Distributor
2018 г.
New Partnership
One Identity
Distributor of One Identity
2019 г.
New partnership
DenCrypt Distributor
2020 г.
New Partnership
Distributor of Classter
2021 г.
New Partnership
GTB Technologies Inc.
Distributor of GTB Technologies Inc.
2022 г.
New partnership
Distributor of CyCognito
2022 г.
New Partnership
Cyberint Technologies Ltd.
Distributor of Cyberint Technologies Ltd.
2022 г.
New Partnership
Reblaze Technologies Ltd.
Distributor of Reblaze Technologies Ltd.

ESCOM Bulgaria

Services we offer to our partners

Product presentations and technical demonstrations

Proof of Concept (POC) - technical installation and configuration

Business analysis, development and project management

Audit of information assets

Technical systems design - formulating, defining and creating technical designs;

Collection of technical information: Request for Information (RFI)

Implementation, installation, maintenance and upgrade of complex systems

Planning and delivering training to develop skills related to the company's portfolio of solutions and services

Design, setup and management of information systems

Transaction registration, pricing and auction preparation

After-sales local technical support and service

Organizing and hosting events, technical seminars, conferences and webinars

Looking for a trusted distributor and partner

For more than 22 years we have been meeting your specific needs

implemented projects

Together with our partners

Innovation meets challenges and creativity becomes reality. See what we achieve and how we turn inspiration into success.

"In a sea of information, wisdom is the rudder that leads to successful management and insight."

Andy Warhol

Our information security solutions are applicable in any industry where organizations handle valuable and sensitive information

Insurance and Finance





State Administration



Media and PR

and many more...

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IT solutions that work for you:
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